Sunday, August 18, 2013

Let there be light..Makeover Monday #2

Happy Monday!!

Every weekend I find myself adding things to my list of projects to complete in and around my house. I literally walk through my house and stop in each room and think, "what needs to be done in here?" It's never ending, right? Just when I cross off one item, I add three more. One of these days I'll have to document photograph my house to show all the progress I've made. I'll add that to the list..

Moving on..

I've painted every (and I mean EVERY) room in my house at least twice, most three or four times.  As a single girl, it's all on me to move furniture, tape off, roll paint and cut in, it's exhausting! So when I decide to paint anything, it's usually a huge under taking for me.

But not this time!!!!  Lucky me!

I decided that my front door was looking very sad.  A very sad and boring black color. It wasn't even painted very well, I just used paint I had at the time so it came out a charcoal color rather than a deep, dark, rich black that I wanted. I discovered shortly after that that Lowe's and Home Depot don't carry a dark enough tinting base that gives a truly dark black. Ahh live and learn.

Back to the story..It's the only thing in this house that I've only painted once, how has it escaped my paint brush I have no idea. I had an epiphany!  It needs some color!!! The black had to go! A few weeks ago, while perusing my Southern Living magazine I came across this..

What? Free paint you say? Why thank you Lowe's, I do have a project that needs painting.

Off to Lowe's I went. Coupon in hand and a smile on my face.  I had decided on two colors. Both from Benjamin Moore. Dragonfly and St. Lucia.  One color was light the other dark. I was leaning towards Dragonfly (left), it's a beautiful deep teal color.  But once I put it up on the door it felt too dark, too much like the black. No pizazz! So I painted St. Lucia (right) next and fell for her hard!

It took a couple of hours because it was so hot and dry outside that the paint was drying to quickly for me to paint the whole thing at once, so I had to paint in stages. I painted the inside panels, then the cross in the middle, then finally the perimeter.

And this is how St. Lucia turned out..

I love her! I mean I love it. Not bad for one afternoon and a free sample.

Now I'm thinking it needs some stenciling, and touch up the white and a little porch revamping

..I'll add them to the list.

P.S Go over to for a chance to win a Home Right paint sprayer..GOOD LUCK!

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