Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thrifty Thursday..

So today was my first trip to a Goodwill Store..

I know, I know what kind of thrifty person am I if I haven't been to Goodwill Store?!?

Before heading to Goodwill, I decided to drop by my local IKEA for a visit to my favorite kitchen. ( Does anyone else do this? Remodeling my kitchen is big on my "wants list" but I need a really affordable option and I hear great things about IKEA kitchens and followed Rhoda at Southern Hospitality and her journey remodeling her home.  She's doing a wonderful job and she has great taste! One day soon I hope to chronicle that same journey for you..)

While I was at IKEA I found some wonderful new items...

I found these dinner plates..

So cute!!! And they were only $4.99 a plate. There were so many ways to use these for different tablescapes. My first thought was for my Halloween table.

They sell fabric by the yard now too!!! Here are a couple, you can see more online at IKEA.

But what really got me excited was seeing this beauty!

For only $69.99 I snagged my first new sewing machine!  I'm really hoping that it's a decent one until I find out if  I really need another more heavy duty one. I am excited to attempt my hand at making slipcover for my chairs.  Of course I'll document the whole process, don't you worry.  I'm quite sure there will be a ton of errors but hopefully it'll be fun!

After ending my love affair at IKEA, (she is an expensive date!) I headed over to Goodwill.

I'm not sure if all Goodwills are similar to this one but I was rather disappointed.  They didn't have much in the way of thrifty items but I did find this.

I got rather excited when I first saw it because I've always wanted a luggage rack, AND it was only $6.99.  So I walked around for awhile holding it and wondering what would I do with it.  I was pretty banged up but I wasn't worried about that a little chalk paint would fix it up no problem.  Then I realized that I could use it to put my laundry basket on so that I don't have to bend over to pick it up off the floor. (My back rejoiced!)

I also found some drapery panels for my classroom and $1.99 a piece can't beat that!  

I'm in the process of painting my new-to-me laundry rack.. after pictures will follow soon.

Have you ever been to Goodwill?  Would you go again?  I think that this was my one and only time.  I prefer consignment shops. :o)

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  1. Goodwill is a fun cheap girlfriend afternoon!
    The thrill of the hunt with the joy of the price(and we are helping others!) better then a movie,you can't talk ,laugh as well as buy without breaking the bank!!
    It does require sifting through ,makes you want to donate better!
    But I have found some awesome deals! Target gives goodwill clearenced ,returned itiems!!


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